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The true measure of a functional trainer is versatility, and versatility can be measured many exercises can be performed, how many cable angles can be created, how many possible pulley positions there are and how much cable travel is available. More pulley positions means you'll be able to select the precise angle required for your exercise, whether you are training for a specific sport or task or simply focusing your efforts towards maximum conditioning of your core muscle groups.This remarkable training device has a combination of pulleys matched by no other.
Foot Print (Demensions):
Basic Unit: L 79" x W 48"
Height: 6'6" to 6'11"
Bench: As with other Vectra machines, the 7-position bench moves along a line on a spring-loaded wheel for easy adjustment. For variety in your routine, the bench can be used for dumbbell exercises.
Features and Benefits: The wide pulleys adjust from just off the floor to about six feet high, with 23 possible positions (see adjacent diagram). The pulleys themselves are counter-balanced and swivel, ever-so-smoothly, a full 540 degrees, perfect for sports specific training. This swiveling is vastly superior to the common "V-groove" pulleys found on lesser machines.
The swiveling dual high pulleys are as close together as possible, allowing for a larger range of motion. These pulleys can be set at from 6'6" high to 6'11" high at the time of installation. This allows the machine to be customized to fit the room and/or primary users. The low central pulley is perfectly positioned for seated low rows, back extensions, abdominal reverse curls, etc., and with the bench is ideal for leg extensions and curls. In addition, the VFT-100 was designed to be used with the bench, a fitness ball, as well as by itself. Almost any bench exercise can be performed on a ball.
Multi-position Lat hold down, Press Arm adjusts with fingertip pressure
Weight Stack: 160 pound weight stack