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Home Gyms from Vectra


MULTIPLE USER 3-STACK GYM For the family that likes to work out together or light-commercial applications with the potential of multiple users, the VX-38 (or the 4-stack VX-48) is the most popular multi gym choice. Vectra machines are designed to be so smooth and easy to adjust that several people can easily workout simultaneously. The user is able to move through their routine quickly and efficiently, freeing up a space for the next person. Also, each exercise station on the machine is self-contained, with it's own dedicated weight stack, arranged around the unit so that awkward face to face and embarrassing shoulder-to shoulder contact between users is avoided.
Foot Print (Demensions):
Basic Unit: L 7' 5" x W 8' 7"
Bench: As with other Vectra machines, the 7-position bench moves along a line on a spring-loaded wheel for easy adjustment. For variety in your routine, the bench can be used for dumbbell exercises.
Features and Benefits: The VX-38 provides a complete full body workout. To augment the offerings in your fitness facility, the VX-38 provides an additional station with it's own fourth weight stack and four additional arm and leg exercises. However, if space limitation is a factor, consider using the VX-11 in conjunction with the VX-38. This combination provides precisely the same exercises as the VX-48, with greater configuration flexibility in room layout.
Weight Stack: Three 210 lb weight stack