Pacific Fitness, Inc.


September 25, 2013

EXERCISE: Feels Good. Do More.

Those who know me well know that exercise is my "happy pill." Rarely am I faced with a difficult situation or feeling that does not morph into manageable after a good sweat. A familiar proverb professes that "when the going gets tough, the tough get going." This concept can be applied to the equally famous question, "which came first, the chicken or the egg?" Bottom line, regular exercise and strength are natural extensions of one another. The more we work out the stronger we become both emotionally and physically. Synergistically, the stronger we become emotionally and physically, the more likely we are to choose the healthful habit of movement.

Even a caveman could surmise, "feels good, do more." Often, our greatest blessing as evolved humans --intelligent thinking-- is also a curse. How many times have you reasoned your way out of a workout with excuses about being too busy, undernourished or overstressed? The irony is that at the end of the week you have spent your time being less efficient, craving empty calories and feeling frazzled through it all. A little exercise allotment mitigates many of our pitfalls.

Let me appeal to the "evolved human brain" in you by sharing just a few benefits of getting off the couch and into some stretchy pants.


  • Oxygen is the ingredient needed to convert carbs and fat into muscle fuel. More movement = increased oxygen intake = greater calorie burn.
  • The brain delivers "feel good" endorphins to ease workout discomfort. This chemical surge also is an effective mood elixir.
  • Increased Metabolism: Need I say more?
  • Light to Moderate cardio actually helps the body recover after a strenuous muscle workout.

Weight Resistance (Including Body weight, bands or traditional weights):

  • Weight training decreases the risk of fractures by increasing bone density.
  • A result of weight training is leaner body mass and better glucose control. Not only do these two factors support a healthy body weight, they also decrease the risk of developing diabetes and heart disease.
  • Flexibility and balance are two of the first things to go as we age and the lack thereof contributes to injury. Keep moving and maintain these golden skills.
  • A toned body looks healthy and health is universally attractive.

I encourage you take a daily dose of happy. Get going so you can get tough so you can keep going. Enjoy the synergistic cycle of vibrant health by making cardiovascular exercise and weight training a part of your daily life. I guarantee that as you do so your brain will not have to think about it . . . your inner caveman will speak simple: Feels good. Do more.